Leonardo da Vinci: everyone knows his artistic and scientific genius but few know the intimate spirit of the Leonardo man and his deepest passions. Among these – above all – the WINE.

But how does wine enter your life? And what does it represent for him?

The book tells the story of the important relationship that binds Leonardo da Vinci to wine.

Born into a family of wine producers and owner of many vineyards in Vinci, Leonardo immediately became passionate about the cultivation of grapes and its transformation, becoming the first agronomist, enologist and technical taster in history with his writings on wine.

The purchase of wine regularly noted by Leonardo in the shopping list, perhaps next to a drawing of unsurpassed beauty or close to an important scientific demonstration. We thus know from Leonardo himself that he loved to drink a glass of wine every day, every meal, and with conscious moderation. In the book, each of the fundamental aspects of the relationship between Leonardo and wine is investigated and with the philological quotation of Leonardo’s words, with the images of the notes and relative drawings of his original codes, with the illustrations and the author’s documentation. Fundamental aspects also and above all because in Leonardo’s thoughts and relationship with wine there is his human spirit. His feelings and his most intimate and philosophical yearning.

Wine is spirit, and, in Leonardo’s words:

“Through wine the soul rises to the brain”,

fulfilling man, vitalizing and radiating his reason for his feeling the truth. Vino Veritas, Vino Humanitas. Vino Humana Veritas.

It is thanks to wine that Leonardo’s greatest and immensely crystalline treasure is then grasped: his humanity, his spirit, his soul, sublime height, depth and sensitivity.